We do recommend that you make individual posts for each item you want to sell but if you want to lump them together - no problem. Let's give an example of this.

You want to sell 4 items for $25 each in one post for a total of $100. Here's how to do it:

  • Upload at least 4 images (1 image for each item you are selling)
  • In the description section, list the items and their corresponding price and apply other specific post filters if applicable¬†
  • Very important step - make sure to allow lower offers on this post.
  • Lastly, somewhere in the description tell a user that if they do not want all the items, to make an offer on the items/$ they do want. So in our example, if there are 4 posts for $25 and the buyer wants 2 of them, they would make an offer for $50.¬†

If you have any questions don't hesitate to message one of your campus marketplace support teams via the chat bubble on the marketplace page or at support@ulyngo.com.

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