What is the fee?

Ulyngo takes a 5% transaction fee on top of standard credit/debit processing fees. This is taken from a seller upon completion of a sale. 

Can students pay with cash?

Students can make cash exchanges easily by just communicating and negotiating via the internal messaging. Our offer and payment process is built for digital payments and do not support cash transactions as of right now. The main reason for this is that we are unable to offer any help/support for a cash transaction because it’s impossible for us to prove that the deal has happened unless it goes through our system.

Why do we do this?

10-20% of the collected transaction fee is shared with your school to increase the budgets of student groups and university organizations. The other portion goes to Ulyngo in order for us to keep providing a high level of service and to continue to launch new features and enhancements
Our fee is competitive and low in comparison to other eCommerce sites that go process transactions - Ebay at 10%, StubHub 30%, Amazon 10-15%.

Tell me more about the transaction fee share 

We share 10% of our total amount of collected transaction fees back to your school.
Now, think of your campus marketplace as a place where you buy and sell things, while indirectly crowdfunding and raising money for organizations you care about on campus. Want to know where your fees are going? contact us at fees@ulyngo.com and put your school name in the subject line.

Why complete a deal on my campus marketplace?

Besides the convenience factor, if you transact outside of your campus marketing, the support team is unable to offer and help/support during or after a completed transaction. That means no refunds, no mediation, no nothing. Still not sold? Well, you're also able to help grow the budget of student groups and your university and fund more campus life enhancements. Want to know where your transaction fee is going at your school? Contact us at fees@ulyngo.com.

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