How do I reduce my price after I post the product or service?
See the "Creating, Deleting, and Editing Posts" article. For tips on how to price your product or service, refer to our Seller's Handbook!

Can I create a post with multiple items priced differently?
We currently recommend that you create one post with the combined value of all your posts and detail the each items value in the description. Then, tell buyers to make an offer for the amount of one or more of your listings.

Can I upload multiple pictures at once?
Yes! We love to have pictures that show buyers more about the product or service. You can also send more pictures to interested buyers through messaging.

Do I have to use my Cell Phone/Mobile device to upload pictures?
We recommend using your cell phone/mobile device to upload pictures to the mobile app. However, you can use your computer or desktop to upload pictures. Make sure you have the pictures on your device and you can upload the photographs from there. You can learn more tips & tricks on how to use your pictures to improve your product marketability in our Seller’s Handbook!

How should I describe my product or service? What tags should I include?
You should describe your product with honesty by mentioning the current condition of the product, the color, the function, etc. Check out our Seller’s Handbook for more tips & tricks on marketing and describing your product or service!

Do I have to include tags with my post?
You do not necessarily have to include tags; however, we recommend that you should include tags that categorize your product or service in order to improve marketability and buyer interest. To learn more about what tips & tricks to use within you post, check out our Seller’s Handbook!

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