Who can use the Marketplace?
Only students, faculty, staff, and partners affiliated to the university may use the Marketplace.

How can I access the Marketplace?
You may access the Marketplace by using the admin log in information provided to you. Also, you may log in as a university student, faculty, staff or partner by using the assigned university email.

Where can I find more information on the Marketplace’s features?
You can learn more about the Marketplace’s features by visiting ulyngo's website here or email us at hello@ulyngo.com and our team will be happy to tell you more about Ulyngo.

Is it difficult to launch Ulyngo's marketplace?
Ulyngo's marketplace is one of the most agile and easy to implement technologies in HigherEd. Any campus can launch our technology in a matter of days while incurring zero additional technical debt.

How much does Ulyngo cost?
To set up your campus marketplace, universities pay an annual per-student fee that varies on the size of each campus.

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