How safe is the Marketplace?
Ulyngo uses student ID authentication to verify the identity of student users. Additionally, all transactions are completed digitally through an anti-fraud, PCI level-1 compliant payment process and can be integrated into University payment systems.

How can I monitor the Marketplace?
Ulyngo monitors the marketplace for you! If you still would like to monitor the marketplace, log into your university admin account to oversee the marketplace.

Can I review chats and messages?
Chats are considered to be private. You may review chats if there is an issue regarding that seller or buyer.

What do we do if a student has to report an issue about the Marketplace?
The student can fill out a service ticket on our support page regarding their issue. Once submitted, Ulyngo will handle the issue for you! If we find the issue regarding student misconduct, we will bring it to the attention of the university.

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